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☞   GST No Amal : Kai Vastu Pat Lagse Ketla Taka Tax | GST Rates list: Here's your complete guide:

GST No Amal : Kai Vastu Pat Lagse Ketla Taka Tax : GSTV News Report:
Goods and Service Tax, (GST): GST will be implemented. For this, special GST concert has been organized. Read full report in Gujarati

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GST Rates list: Here's your complete guide:

These things will look like. 28 percent slab

- Chocolate, Custard Powder, Instant Coffee
-Powder, Hair Dye, Hair Cream, Perfume, Screen Care Product
-Municior and Pidicious Products, Sunscreen Lotion
-Liquid Shop, Detergent, Shaving Cream, Razor, After Chev
-Electric Heater, Electric Hot Plate, Vacuum Cleaner, Dish Water
-TV, freeze, washing machine, leather items, wig
-Printer Xerox machine, fax machine
-The clock, the video game console
- Cement, pants, varnish, putty, plywood board
-Mica, tiles and ceramic products, steel pipes
-Plastic fitting and plastic floor coverings
- Aluminum window frame
-Installed Wire, Lamps, Light Fittings

18% slab on these items

-Suboo, Tooth Paste, Hair Oil
-Corn Flex
-Paper, cake, jam, jelly, ice cream
-Mineral Water
-cotton yellow
-Core Mattress
-Register, Account Book, Notebook, Eraser, Fountain Pen
-Nepkin, Tissue Paper, Toilet Paper
-Plastic things to do
-Camera, speaker, pipe, helmet, can, sheet
-Citicide, Refinery Cement
-Plastic tubes, pipes and household goods
-Byiodel, tube, pipe, nuts, bolt
-LBG stv
-Electric motor, generator
-Composition frames, goggles, optical fiber
-Children car
-Nicotine gum
-Mix Food, Soft Drinks
-Contact, Diabetic Food Slide

12 percent on these items

-Mobile Phones
- Ghee, butter oil
Dry Fruit, Fruit and Vegetable Juice
-Soya Milk Juice, Soy Milk-Drink Drinks
-Compare, candle
Homeopathic medicines - Ayurvedic-Yunani and Sidhwa
Homoeopathic medicines
-Procex and freshen beef-fish
-chachma lenses
-Pancil Blaster
-LED Lite
-Curmic items in bathroom and bathrooms
-Stainless copper and aluminum ware
-Electric vehicle, bicycle, bicycle parts
-Good equipment

0 percent slab on these items

-Grouse, rice, other grains, flour
-Mand, siten
-Dood, yogurt, lassi
-Khulu Paneer
-Inda, meat, fish
-Fresh fruit, vegetables

Read full information in Gujarati

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